CI-Corsus Logistics Ltd.

Fast and affordable international transport.


In-land Road Transport

We offer freight road transport (FRT) and provide seamless and timely delivery of cargo from and to all of Europe. We ensure careful selection and constant quality control of our carrier partners.

Trusted Partners

We work with trusted partners offering a wide range of freight and transportation services: groupage freight of one pallet (LTL – Less-than-Truck-Load) or freight of full truck loads (FTL– Full-Truck-Load).

Sea Freight

Water transport is the cheapest way to carry people and cargo. It uses natural water basins such as seas, oceans and larger floating rivers. Containers can be used for any kind of load on both land and sea.

Large Loads

Freight ships can carry more goods than any plane, train or truck. This makes the ships very suitable for carrying huge loads that would be impossible to be carried by all other modes of transport.


The service is offered when importing goods to Bulgaria via the Varna West/East port and when companies registered in Varna or goods stored or loaded in Varna have to be exported.


Our customs agents have long experience and authority in their field and they have proved their professionalism. They will find a solution for any goods, loads or problems.


Warehousing improves the flexibility in international trade. It is a part of the logistics process and it is storage of goods in specialised premises. It helps you build an expansion centre for your business.

Secure Storage

At your request, we will ensure that your goods are stored in warehouses on the territory of Varna, Bulgaria. They are guarded around the clock and operate throughout the whole week.

Our Services

About CI-Corsus Logistics Ltd.

Our main line of work is finding affordable and expedient transport overseas via containers from and to any point on the globe.

Having a big part to play in global transport, sea freight allows for movement of large amounts of cargo at a reasonable price.

Our company is in close relations with numerous container lines and offers optimal prices against minimal effort on your side in order to develop your business.

You can sit back and relax as we provide 24 hour care service for your cargo. We will also eliminate all the bureaucracy and formalities you have to deal with.


24-hour care for your goods!

We will eliminate all the bureaucracy and formalities you have to deal with.