Water transport

Water transport is the cheapest way to carry people and cargo. It uses natural water basins such as seas, oceans and larger floating rivers. This does not require infrastructure costs except in the case of waterways. The costs of water transport are also considerably lower. Water transport has the highest load capacity and it is well suited for long-distance bulk transport.

The operating costs are extremely low as ships are most economical in terms of the ratio load/distance. All these factors make it the cheapest way to transport goods from one place to another.

Container transport

Freight ships can carry more goods than any plane, train or truck. This makes the ships very suitable for carrying huge loads that would be impossible to be carried by all other modes of transport.

The domination of the container transport makes the services much more flexible and can be tailored to the individual wishes and needs of the customers.

Container transport is the future not only of water transport but also of combined transport. It provides security for your load throughout its journey from a seller client to a customer client. Containers can be used for any kind of load on both land and sea.